About Consorte

Consorté LLC began in 2014 as a bookkeeping and administrative support business operating out of a home office. We offered very basic services at the time and focused on helping small businesses, but we had our eyes on the bigger picture and growth was just on the horizon.

A year later, we moved to a new professional location – 529 Cayuga Drive in Niagara Falls – and as business grew so did our lineup of services.

We are still in sync with our mission to assist small businesses in their overall operating needs, but now we go far beyond just bookkeeping and administrative functions. Through our network of strategic business partnerships, Consorté LLC is now a full-service business operations firm offering a complete line up of small business solutions including:

  • Small Business Operations
  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax Services
  • Payroll
  • Human Resources
  • Benefit Administration
  • Insurance Coordination
  • Marketing 

Consorté LLC recently launched a training division focused on providing Government Contracting to local, state, and federal agencies for the purpose of training exercises. We provide actors, who can portray a myriad of roles during a training exercise.

What does Consorté mean??

Consorté is the Spanish version of the word Consort, which refers to a companion, partner, and in some cases, a ship or vessel assisting another in its time of need. Just as a lighthouse leads a ship safely to port, Consorté LLC helps lead Small Businesses, who may be struggling to stay afloat with day-to-day tasks, continue to move toward a safe harbor of success.

Meet Elizabeth Lopez, President & Owner, Consorte LLC

Elizabeth “Beth” Lopez is all about helping her community and other businesses grow. The need to help others started through her many years of dedication and volunteer work for her community. This same need has followed her into her professional career, where she continues leading and learning.

Her career started in1999, when she started a small bookkeeping business, which lead to her obtaining a degree in Accounting (graduating with High Distinction).

Shortly after graduating in 2010 Beth went to work for a former bookkeeping client full-time where she helped double both the staff and revenues.

After several years of maintaining this steady and consistent growth, her desire to grow personally and professional once again surfaced.

In 2014, Consorté LLC was formed. As President and Owner, Beth now spends all of her time working to grow each client’s business while strengthening, developing and growing Consorté LLC.

She currently resides in the City of Niagara Falls with her husband. She has two grown daughters.

Memberships & Accreditations 

  • Member of AIPB – American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers
  • New York State Notary Public