Role Play Actors

Consorte LLC works with a multitude of governmental agencies, which conduct real-life drills and scenarios, by supplying Role Play Actors to play specific parts or roles during the drills.

Can work with a myriad of agencies including but not limited to federal, state and local agencies, emergency medical services, fire departments, law enforcement, school districts, military bases, etc.

The use of real-life training scenarios is an important part of many organizations’ employee training systems. It takes a lot of people to make sure the scenarios run smoothly and seem realistic.

Consorte LLC acts as a Prime contractor and can provide professional role play actors for nearly any type of real-life training scenario.

Need someone to play the role of a poacher on federal or state property taking down deer illegally? We’ve can help with that.

Or, maybe it’s an active shooter scenario, and you need people to act as teachers, students, parents, reporters and the shooter. We can fill those positions as well.

Role Play Actors

If you are a governmental agency looking for people to act out a real-life training scenario, please fill out our Request Our Services Form.

If you are someone who would be interested in acting as a Role Play Actor in one of these scenarios, please fill out our Role Play Actor application.