Small Business Solutions

Small businesses need the same type of business solutions as large corporations: payroll, human resources, tax services, bookkeeping, etc.

Consorte LLC assists the owners and managers of small organizations become successful by taking the heavy lifting of actually running a business off their shoulders. We can develop processes and procedures for your business that making running it a snap. By allowing us to work on the mundane tasks associated with operating a successful small business, you are freed up to actually do what you love most – participate in your business.

We offer a myriad of Small Business Solutions from the very basic, such as setting up a Quickbooks Account to managing the day-to-day Bookkeeping of your organization to assisting with Insurance needs, Human Resource requirements, and even Employee Benefits Administration.

Need some branding and marketing help? We’ve got you covered there, too.

Consorte Solutions

Tax Services

We can support your organization’s sales tax and income tax preparations through preparing:


  • Quarterly or year-end Small Business sales tax returns
  • Issuing year-end 1099s
  • Pre-tax preparation for Corporations so financial books are ready for corporate accountants *Consorte LLC does not prepare tax returns for corporations.



Our payroll services are customized to each client and based on your needs as an organization. We can administer and manage your entire payroll or just submit it on your behalf to a processor. We use only the most trustworthy of payroll processing companies, vetted by us, to handle the actual filing of payroll taxes and payroll processing.

Customized payroll packages are available.

Human Resources

Most small businesses don’t know what is required from New York State when it comes to Human Resources, but our experts do!

Consorte LLC can assist your organization by establishing HR policies & procedures and recommending review by professional HR and legal experts to ensure compliance with all state regulations.

Employee Benefit Administration

Learning the ins and outs of Employee Benefits can be difficult to navigate. Business owners need to provide benefits, but many don’t have the time to really dig deep and broker good benefit deals on their own.

Consorte LLC works with the most reputable brokers to find the best Employee Benefit Plans for your organization and helps administer those benefits to you employees. We assist in enrollment meetings and handle enrollment paperwork, as well.

Insurance Coordination

Business insurance is a necessary evil for many Small Businesses, especially within certain industries. You can’t work if you don’t have the necessary proof of insurance, such as Workers Compensation, and trying to figure what you need and how much you need can be a daunting task for any Small Business owner.

While Consorte LLC does not provide insurance, we can help you determine the type of insurance you need for your business and then connect with you companies that we’ve personally vetted.

Once you have insurance, Consorte can also provide you with the required certificates, proof of insurance, and completion of any applications. Call us today for more details!


Every business needs marketing and marketing materials. Consorte LLC provides some basic marketing solutions that every Small Business needs in order to be successful. Our current solutions include:

  • Collateral pieces – Printed business cards, pamphlets, post cards, etc.
  • Email campaigns – Newsletters, event invitations, monthly email correspondence, etc.
  • Direct Mailings – Printed materials sent direct to your target audience through U.S. Postal Service.


 to see how we can help you organize your business operations! Customized packages are available.